Sunday, February 19, 2012

What I Could Do

I could label all my photos with the name of the tv chef and drive people nuts.   They come here thinking--at last, success, she's nude!--and they find a piece of wood from a barn with paint peeling.  Oh the disappointment!   I think the interest in her is bizarre.  Is that celebrity?  I've already written--geez, nearly every book for the last ten years has something to do with celebrity.

I think the Kardashians are good with this, but do relatively normal people want others to objectify them into body parts?  Don't people want to be known, respected and loved for who they are, not the size of their breasts which, after all, can be bought.  Who you are can't be bought or sold or counterfeited.  Anything anyone can have has no real value except that day's price.

I could get a Lego set with the humanoids and put the girl one in poses, a whole study, a series of photos of the Lego chef.

In Unspeakably Desirable, Bel made a watermill gingerbread building for Christmas and she considered making a marzipan figure representing Asher's ex-girlfriend, Chappie, and tying her to the paddles so she would be dunked everytime the wheel went around.  The almond Chappie would be wearing tight black leather pants and Payless tennis shoes instead of Louboutin spikes. 

I could make the tv chef out of marzipan.  I could make it into a book that Amazon could claim I didn't write!
Self-publishing for fun and insanity.

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