Monday, February 6, 2012

Flash of Light

You thought I had a new cover for it.  No, I like the 3-D cover and probably won't change that for a long time.
I did get a 5 star review on it over at BN and although you are anon, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to say such nice things about my work.

Posted February 3, 2012

Loved it.

Love the way the book was written. I love this series and also the bad apple series!
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Years ago when I was in college I had a creative writing teacher.  It was in the days of Woodstock and everyone being stoned pretty much all the time--not me, I have a tenuous enough grip on reality, I don't need to take a bazooka to it--and he thought Tom H*&^#(*$@ was the best writer in the class.  I remember a story of Tom's that was an analysis of pushing spaghetti down the drain in the shower with his toes.  Yeah.  Creative writing (stay away from it).  But the teacher observed or cursed me saying that I was neither a commercial writer nor a literary writer, I was somewhere on the cusp.  Since I was about 19, I had no idea what that meant.  DA was wrong about so much but he was right about that. 

I don't possess the mannerisms of literary writing but have more content or substance than commercial.  My work is deceptive, it reads fast, and if you read it fast you miss all the subtext.  (That's when the drunk trolls get mad at me.  It looks like what they're familiar with but they don't understand it.)  So whenever anyone reads my work and gets it, I'm thrilled. 

I've been waiting my entire life for what turned out to be the digital revolution.  I will never be an Amanda Hocking, but maybe my niche audience can find me.

They can find you, too.

Hey, I have another book in mind Kindle Desktop Publishing can doubt I wrote!  Yay!  
Yes, my little 6 recipe cookbook is still in KDP Jail. I mean "review" so that they "can improve the experience for readers."  Got it.  That makes mistreatment of authors A-OK.

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