Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Disaproned Chef Photos Here

Some months ago I mentioned the TV chef (fill in the blank).  Now people come here looking for nude pictures of her.  My first reaction was "Are you nuts?  Why would she appear nude?"  Then I realized even Miley Cyrus posed with barely anything on.  What's that magazine FHM?  The cover is like  Anatomy 101 for med students.  It's a mark of distinction to be featured.

I'm glad women's lib worked out so great.  Women used to wear dresses down to their knees and men held the door for them.  Now women have the freedom to dress and act like streetwalkers and that's how men treat them.  Props to the commies, Gloria and Betty, for working so hard to improve things for women.

Sweets For Your Sweet was free for 4 days and about 800 copies were downloaded which I guess is good for a little Gimme Cap cookbook. 

A portrait photographer took an absolutely stunning photo I'd love to use on the Kate book and he's trying to get a model release on it.  You go around and see great images, don't be reluctant to ask if you can use them.  You might get lucky.  If not, you're only disappointed.  Disappointment doesn't kill, it only maims.

Gratitude and Congratulations to L.H. at Barnes & Noble for what had to be the sheer strength of her will to get the malicious reviews removed from Dream Horse and Just Kate.  Now, let's hope for a promotion and greater authority for her!

Yes, I tweaked it.


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