Thursday, February 23, 2012

CreateSpace Maven

That's probably going too far but I managed to finish Murder Is Exhausting today without 25 versions.
There was a problem in Word when I numbered the document.  I had 2 page 5s (Chapter 1).  But only in Word.  In Open Office, it was fine.  I made it as correct as I could in Word then opened it in OO and put the final touches on it there.

CreateSpace still wasn't happy when I considered it perfect as a .doc.  I converted the exact same document to a PDF and then CS became Happy Happy Happy.  My pal says there may be some kind of control character that's sticking in CS's craw that we can't see but is nullified in the conversion process.

It wound up being priced higher than I wanted because they didn't give me much choice in the matter.  I supposed longer books cost more but that much more?  I didn't know what physical size to choose so I just stuck with the 5.25 x 8.

I used Garamond at 12 pt for the font because at 14 that made the book almost 150 pages longer.  Yeah I could have found a curly frame to put on the backcover but oy, I'm so tired.

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