Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amazon Approved Kindle Friendly Font

We now have the definitive answer from KDP Support on what is the best font to use.  For further illumination I wrote back and asked what the approved font to use in the situation of a document containing images.  I asked if saving in html filtered, then zipping was the correct procedure.

Hello Barbara,

I understand that you have been using TNR, 12 point, as a font and received a negative customer review with regards to this, therefore you would like our advice as to which font to use.

If you're uploading your content in DOC format, we recommend that you use "Times New Roman" font face and a font size of 12. The Kindle conversion software will then convert it to the Kindle compatible style and size. If you specify a size greater than 12, the conversion may not work well.
From experience and from reader recommendations, we suggest that you stick with the "Times New Roman".

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