Friday, October 21, 2011

Time Is $ Etc.

Someone just emailed me to say they got a quote on an ebook cover for $1500.  I'm sure, having seen the website, the artist is quite good.  Someone quoted me $1000 for the use of one of her drawings last year.  She was wonderful but

We all have to be reasonable at this point in time.  This is an ebook.  You're not dealing with a company or a publisher loaded with money.  Digital publishing is just starting up and maybe we should all try to succeed.  Do a little bit simpler design.  Do less work.  Make it affordable.  Make sure your name and website are prominently featured at the end of the book.  Use the cover as your own advertising "Look what I did and John Deaux sold 500 copies last week!  Let that be a lesson to anyone who doesn't believe a good cover helps sales".  Think of it as publicity for your business.

Or not.  Charge exactly what you would charge a bank for their advertising campaign.  Given this economy anyone who can turn down work must be doing great so good for them.

From  Mike Shatzkin

"The recent news that digital revenues have reached approximately 20% at some of the Big Six houses makes me believe that we are on the verge of a tectonic shift in the industry. It provoked me to think through the logical extension of well-established trends and comment recently that I see an 80% ebook world for straight narrative text coming in two to five years. (By “straight narrative text” I mean books of just words.)"

Anyone who is surprised by this is probably working in legacy publishing.

"What are you doing?  Can I help?"

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