Monday, October 24, 2011

Amazon Continues To Ingest The World

Good God, can anyone stop them?!!!!!11!!!! (Eleventy!)

What's Eleventy?  Some forums/blogs are set up to have a limit on exclamation points, and when a troll gets overly heated that stops them from posts that end with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But if you put a 1 in there, it breaks the prevention.  Eleventy has come to mean irrational hysteria.

Grrr.  I don't want to link to TNR (The New Republic) because it's usually so left-leaning it tips over but here's a relatively rational piece on Amazon written almost as if this information was a surprise.  AmazonTakes Over Everything

This Franklin woman wouldn't deign to self-publish.  I can think of 1 reason--she's a liberal elistist and so are 99% of the people in publishing so of course being a senior editor at TNR insures publication.  Screw the rest of us.

These things Fisk themselves.

What's Fisking?  From the Urban Dictionary: The word is derived from articles written by (ultra liberal elitist) Robert Fisk that were easily refuted, and refers to a point-by-point debunking of lies and/or idiocies

But to address the issue we're here for--ebooks.  Okay Amazon is the world now.  But there isn't a law yet that makes Amazon the only publisher of ebooks.  Or that Google isn't the only search engine.  Right?  We still have that going for us.

This is a loose analogy.  In Europe you go to certain grocery stores for their store-brand products because they're of excellent quality.  We don't do that in America where brand name products are supposedly better than store-brand.

What would be the problem if readers went to Amazon for their exclusive books and Upstart for their exclusives and Forward Thinkers for their books?

Right now no one is doing this but Amazon.  So good for Jeff Bezos.

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