Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have my nose to the grindstone with Flash 2 but since I'm only half awake, it's a good time to write here.

The problem with television is that it moves very quickly and as a writer you don't have much time to think.  In daytime you need 1 show a day.  There's no holding up because of anything, 1 new show a day has to air.  I'm not saying anything anyone else who has been in daytime wouldn't say if they're honest.  You really run out of things to say.  That's why it's so crappy.

I see the difference between some of my older work and especially the digital ones.  I'm not investing the time.  There's no more reason to invest time in a digital book than there is in daytime television.  Do your best work and let it go.  It is like the California Gold Rush or the land rush.  The point is to get there, not how you get there right now.  Maybe that will change.  It all seems kind of pulpy at the moment.  I mean in the sense of pulp magazines from the early part of the last century.

Anyway, I got a nice note from Kiana Davenport yesterday who said I made her laugh.  That made me happy but not happy to know how this woman has been trampled upon by the publishing world.

There's some news about Curtis Brown placing/publishing/whatever about 520 of their represented books into digital format pretty much without consulting the writers but since most of them are dead, that would be hard.  How about their estates?

This is really all about product.  Not only do writers produce a product, we have become products and all that implies.  If you have any dignity, if you value yourself and your work at all, I find it difficult to understand why you would allow yourself to be sold off in this careless fashion.

None of this applies if you're Nora Roberts or some of the other zillion sellers.  You're awash in money and reader accolades.  What does anything mean anymore.

For the rest of us who are treated like dirt by publishers and agents, I don't see how you choose to stay with the old abuse system.

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