Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Everyone seems more confused this week than I am so I think that's great.  I had a couple decisions to make and as a Libra Rising (my default excuse) it's always very difficult for me.  I made it.  I can back out, which is always excellent.

I watched on 1 list as about 6 people argued about readers.  Someone (foolishly) said she wanted one and that started the pile on.  At the end of the thread, I think she had given up and decided to accept a used Kindle someone was giving her.  Everyone had such a different opinion that there was no way to glean any usable information.

Someone else was struggling with something else.  I guess the best teacher is experience.

I had a very dear friend who has passed now.  She was very smart.  She was smarter than everybody.  No, really, her IQ was supposedly way up there.  That's very difficult to argue about.  She had written a book that was really unpublishable/for such a small audience that I think it will be 20 years from now before it would sell as an ebook.  She made a choice of going with a dicey (turned out to be a subsidy/criminal operation) publisher and I couldn't talk her out of it.  The result was a garage full of useless books, at least $5000 lost and goodbye friendship.  You don't want to be right when your friend is wrong, it doesn't always work out so well.

I expect in this new landscape of epubery a lot of mistakes have been made and will be made.  I don't know how to tell you to avoid the pitfalls because if some people think Joe Konrath is full of baloney, then I am certainly worth ignoring.  There are too many people saying too many conflicting things to make sense of it.  You just have to choose the middle way.  Don't do anything extreme.  Try to have a way to undo whatever you've done (System Restore).  Don't pay anyone a lot of money that you will miss if you never make it back.
Get a Kindle Fire.  You'll be happy with it.  (I'm guessing, I don't think anyone has seen one IRL yet).  Get a tablet if you think a dedicated reader is silly.  Make the decision.  If you hate it, sell it on ebay.

I bought a new lens for the Nikon D7K.  I just keep feeling that I need better glass than what I have.  So I got a Nikon 85mm, 30 day return guarantee.  If NLM was selling like it was in the spring, I would have just gotten a professional lens but they cost about $3000 which is more than the body cost. 

I was at a horse show with my Nikon F years ago.  I can't remember how it dropped, but the guy I was dating at the time probably had something to do with it.  It was broken.  Maybe it could have been fixed but later that day it was stolen.  I still have the Nikon I replaced it with, a lesser model, because that F was a genius piece of equipment.  Spoiled me.  They're remarkably inexpensive now since who wants to mess around with film.  I saw one online and thought, "Oh that's my camera!"  Nikon F.  So for $150 I can have the body, I have a zoom that will work on it, I have a 50mm, I have a macro lens.  And then I have to start screwing around with the film processing.  Once I realized how film would complicate my life, I knew the whole thing was a non-starter.  Then when I look at it and pick up the film Nikon I still have, I know how uncomfortable that is to hold while the D7K fits in the hand so smartly.  There was no such thing as ergonomics when the Nikon F was designed.  It was designed to be a great camera and that's what it was.  Who was thinking about comfort?

We'll see how this new lens measures up to the quality of the old lenses but till then it's still the 55-200mm

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