Saturday, October 15, 2011

Didn't I Tell You?

It wouldn't be long before someone cancelled Halloween.  This time it's a nitwit school administrator in Massachusetts who feels it's incumbent on her to flagellate herself for existing.  While taking herself down, she has to make sure everyone else is as miserable as she is so she cancelled Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, too.  Can Christmas be far behind?  (But not Eid, I'd put money on it.)

I've been working hard on Flash 2 because I must finish that before starting on the follow up to Summer Horse, and that must be done by Christmas.   That's why I haven't been here quite a regularly as I am when I'm not working as diligently.

So continuing with the theme of the month, harvest and Halloween, I found a very cool poster and worked on it for you to enjoy.  What did I do exactly?  I opened it in Adobe Lightroom and made it look good.  It was terribly dark and discolored to the point where you could barely read the text.  The truth is both Lightroom and Photoshop are terrific at fixing images quickly so it only took a couple minutes to make the adjustments.  No criticisms of Adobe and their programs today, just praise. 

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