Monday, October 31, 2011

A Tale of Like 2 Towns Signifying Zip

The WSJ has a piece on ebook success/failure.  Some Hit It Big and others of us don't.  Woe betide us.
Here's the thing.  Some people are writing in categories which appeal to early adopters.  Some of us don't.
When there is an influx of more readers, as the price of devices comes down and people realize what a great experience ebooks are, they will look for non-vampire/whatever books.

Geez, just be a little patient.  I know it's hard.  I would have loved NLM to continue with its selling streak and bring readers to my other books but it didn't happen.  It never happened in legacy publishing so I'm not complaining and I'm not worried.

I got super-nice feedback on both Flash and NLM this morning.  Thank you, Callie!

Happy Halloween.  May I remind you that tomorrow is All Saint's Day so this, All Hallows Eve, is a Christian holiday.  I'll bet that would steam some people if they realized it.  Where's that guy Michael Nudnick or whatever who can't stop complaining about Christmas?  Can we tell him about this so he can be doubly upset?

Back to Flash 2.

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