Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kobo Vox

This sounds way cool and it comes in different colors.  Kobo released its Android tablet yesterday priced at $199.  "Vivid 7" FFS+ multimedia screen optimized for reading outdoors."  (Wow.  My Nook stinks outside.)  Kobo Vox

"Kobo is the only electronic bookseller to allow users to export their purchases to other platforms - unlike Amazon, Welch said. "What people don't realize is when you buy a Kindle you're marrying Jeff Bezos," Welch said, referring to Amazon's chief executive."

Too true.

Here's a review from PC Magazine Move Over Kindle Fire.

The proprietary readers are not a good thing and I think consumers realize that.  I'm happier with the Nook since I rooted it and can get to the Android OS--I'm not saying I use it more, but I like being able to.  It's a huge drain on the battery life.  Sure some people are annoyed by anything but a reading device--I can't explain their psychology.  Cranky bears or something.

Video review/comparison of the Nook and Kobo Vox.

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