Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The PCness of Halloween

There seems to be a concerted effort by some to erase religion (not of any kind, of certain kinds) in the country.
I thought it remarkable to watch the Amanda Knox acquittal and see a cross with Jesus hanging on the wall.  That just wouldn't be permitted here.  Or probably in England where there have been complaints about Christmas carols.

So I started wondering how long we will be permitted to enjoy Halloween without the anti-religious police haranguing us.  Because, after all, Halloween is All Hallow's Eve, preceding All Saints' Day. They may not have gotten the memo on that yet.

What is this new right, the Not To Be Offended Right?  Turn away, don't look.  I find pornography offensive, so I don't look at it.  Simple.

Doing my part to read this month, I ordered a book on donuts from Amazon and UPS will drop it by today.  Like a little Christmas.  Yikes!  Turn away if that word offends you.  I'm Jewish and it doesn't offend me so go figure.

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