Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meme Me Me

Meme--Men are bad, women are great.

I was just an Amazon looking at my non-sales of late and saw a book called something like Taming the Bastard.
Romantic Comedy.  A man, is of course, the bastard.  I have all the hope in the world for the future of that relationship.  Let me spell it out for you.  If she respects him so little now and calls him a bastard 1) why does she want to marry him 2) what will change so that she doesn't continue to think of him as a bastard?

Yesterday I finished doing some research for someone, came to about 30 pages, so I was tired and got into bed early to watch an old movie.  Instead there was something on the Man Hating Channel, I mean Lifetime TV, I never heard of the movie and I like Harry Connick Jr well enough.  Then I saw the wife from Men in Black was in it and I like her, so okay I'll watch

What a horrible piece of derivative dreck.  I'll just address how unlikeable the main character is.  I have amnesia about her name.  She was mean, small and petty to everyone.  Then of course, you have the standard transition where she starts to melt and you are supposed to see she has a nicer side.  Then of course, there's an opportunity to make it all back to the townsfolk she treated so horribly and everything is fine.

I didn't watch that trailer.  Was there an interview with either the writer or director who said this is "a character driven story"?   I don't know what to say if they really believe that, or they're so clueless they don't know better.

The movie on USA Channel at the same time was the elegantly titled film "Knocked Up".

The only thing I can take comfort in this morning is a post by Konrath from a couple days ago when he said there will be a huge audience and at that point even a niche audience will be substantial.  I know I don't write the straight commercial work.  I don't write about men being bastards who need to be housebroken, tamed and crushed by ditzy shoe-shopping females.  No, that doesn't interest me.  And seriously good for all of you who can do that, and believe it and it comes from your heart.  We now have the opportunity and freedom to write what does move us and inspire us, whatever it is, and yes I believe at some point we will all be found by readers who are moved by those thoughts, too.

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