Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Glass

We can see what better glass can do for you.  This was really easy to do and there was very little post processing because it was in focus when it got into Lightroom.  This was shot with an 85 mm f1.8 Nikkor (Nikon) lens.

This day has gone too fast starting with being flagged down by someone I respect greatly who wanted help with getting a book traditionally published with me writing it.  Years ago I would have leaped at the chance but now, legacy publishing is a drawback.  It's more hassle/agitation/time/pain than it's worth.  When I did the timeline if everything worked out well I was looking at the book maybe being published in 5 years.  I'll quickie it for you.
1 year to find an agent
1 year to find a publisher
1 year to write the book
18-24 months to get it published.
That's about 5 years.
If I'm immortal, that's not an issue.  Unfortunately, I'm not immortal.
(No, I'm not writing the book before I have a contract.)

So what I suggested was that the book be broken down into "chapters" and published as Kindle shorts.  Then when there's something book length call it a book. 

All the futurists are saying that legacy publishing is going to be over for the most part in 2-5 years.  What bookstores will still exist?  Why would you waste your effort today on something that pretty much won't exist by the end of the process? 

If you need a physical book either go with a printer like Lightning Source who does hardcover if you insist on that, or use them for paperback, which they do superlatively well.  Or just use Createspace which is FREE.  FREEE as Lucy Ricardo spelled it at the Don Loper Salon.  Order as many books as you think you can sell by hand and you're done.  It'll take 2 weeks.

Legacy Publishing has made themselves obsolete. 

Here's an article for your perusal Amazon Takes the Self Out of Self Publishing.  We're going to say we're Amazon authors now.  Fine.

Just let me add/clarify something to this article.  IF you have any kind of image in your document you MUST MUST MUST convert the word file into html then make a zip file of it for Amazon.  

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