Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amazon: The Monster That Devoured Everything

Do I care?


Next topic.

Going back for a moment, this rated 7 pages at Business Week.  (I think it's "plum" not "plumb" btw.)

My friend is appalled that I shop at WalMart.  I like WalMart.  They have almost everything I want and at the lowest price around.  If you need to return something, it's hassle-free.  What's not to like.

Amazon has just about everything and for the lowest prices around.  If you need to return something, it's hassle-free.  Unlike with traditional publishing, all my books are now for sale (without commentary from idiot editors), hassle-free and with a larger royalty.  What's not to like?

Jeff Bezos is too successful?  That's a bad thing?  I used to shop at a number of different sites.  Amazon made it easier.  What is it, immoral, to want your life to be simplified?  If Jeff Bezos is doing it so well, do it better.

I'm so tired of people complaining.  This isn't kiddie soccer where everyone gets a plastic trophy for participating.  If you want everything to be equal, go to North Korea where they're all eating bark off the trees.

I'm sorry (I am) that people who own bookstores are going out of business.  That's not because of Amazon (not entirely), it's because publishing has been in the toilet for over 20 years.  Those elitist nutcases in New York put you in this position, not one guy with a good business plan.  Books became unfriendly to readers.  Heck, they became writer unfriendly.  An arrogance permeated the whole industry.  When people had an alternative, they took it.  That's not Amazon's fault.

There's no next topic.  I have to get back to my book.

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