Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unspeakably Desirable

It took about 7 hours but it has been uploaded to Amazon and BN.  No I don't bother with Smashwords anymore.  In a few hours Unspeakably Desirable will be available at BN and available whenever Amazon gets around to it as a Kindle.

Having learned from Rise, I put the html document into Expression Web and checked all the image links manually.  That took a long time between the actual photos and the whisk image I used to separate the text.  (Sometimes it's hard to see those couple spaces in a reader even when it's so obvious in the word processing program.  I suggest you try to do something even if it's *** to let readers know there's a break.)  I fully expected there would be problems but I'm not very psychic and I didn't see anything horrible.  Amazon didn't kick the file back to me.  (Remember, it has to be in zip)  So I'm done with that.  For the time being.

What am I going to do next?  I'm staying away from adult fiction for at least the rest of the year and perhaps longer.  I have the cookbook to do and then think about the prequel to Blue Raja.  I would like to do Bad Apple #4.  Yes, at some point the audience will arrive!  What did you have to do to make Tinkerbell stay alive???  Believe?  Think Happy Thoughts?  Sing about packages tied with string (what's so great about that?)?

This coming week I'm going to talk about a YA series I'm reading now.  A bit on the fence if I should specify what it is but I think there's much to be learned from the books.  They're very popular and easy enough to read without needing to lash your reader to your wrist so it won't  be thrown against a wall in desperation.  Always a good sign.

PS if you want to read more about Unspeakably Desirable go over to

Update:  Wow.  BN is FAST!  Three hours later.  Bel is live  Unspeakably Desirable

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