Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Try This At Home

Don't walk to your desk holding a glass of V-8 Peach Mango and bump into the chair.  Goodbye Keytronic.

Yesterday was all about covers for books I haven't written yet.

Today is the premiere of Harry Potter 8.  I haven't seen any of them in the theater so I guess I probably won't see this one either.  I'm glad all the kids stuck with it.  We didn't have to deal with a replacement Ron along with way.  I wish Daniel Radcliffe had been a bit more circumspect about his sex life.  I didn't really need to hear about it.

Erica Jong (Fear of Flying, Fear of Not Having Sex With Every Man On The Planet) wrote an unbelievable, even for her, article recently about how the pendulum is now swinging back  After all the progress (eye roll) she and her kind made in liberating women sexually, the current generation craves monogamy.

Has she friggin' *seen* a music video in the last 5 years?  They're singing about chains and whips in a positive way!   I guess if it's with your special guy then it's okay  Even if he does slap you around and send you to the hospital, like this one singer.

No doubt there are many women who crave monogamy but that's not what the media and writers like Jong are selling.  If you set out to push the envelope, don't be surprised when it eventually rips and everything spills out.

Not a 'ho, a whip or a chain in sight.  

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