Saturday, July 30, 2011

Of Dragons And Space Ships

There's a sword and sorcery movie on this afternoon.  Or at least I think it is.  It's actually very much like that horrible Robin Hood movie with Kevin "I'm not wearing tights, I'm wearing warrior clothing" Costner.  There's a Moor, there's a spunky, anachronistic feminist-like princess who isn't wearing a bra, a boy child, a dragon and there's a weary knight.  There are no Eskimos, Hindus or Aztecs so not every sort of earthling is represented but we will overlook that as we will overlook the entire movie.

When the Peter Gallagher character in The Player said "The script writes itself", he could have been referring to this one.

Apparently the terms derivative and predictable have become positives in the entertainment biz instead of the disapprobations they once were.

I hope as epubbery settles down and people stop being so excited by the idea of having the freedom to publish anything they write, they begin to think about what they write.  To think.  To take that freedom and go where traditional publishing wouldn't have accepted.

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