Friday, July 8, 2011

Summertime Blues

The background.  Purplish.  Anyway.  It was bluer before I started photoshopping it--I needed to lighten the background.

There's been an interesting entertainment turn of events that's worth noting.  The producer of the cable show Royal Pains (which I quite like) has acquired the rights to the daytime serials All My Children and One Life to Live from ABC and intends to continue programming on his as yet  non-existent (to us) internet entertainment channel.  He wants to do a Hulu kind of thing but new programming.

I realize there are a couple of such shows already on the net, Venice I believe is one show, but I didn't sense they have the gravity or financing behind it that Prospect Park has.

This is potentially very bad for the networks which have been losing audience for years.  This is the kind of hit publishing is going to take from digital.

The audience is fracturing.  Finally after dreaming for the past couple decades, technology has made more outlets feasible and it's possible to reach an audience without going through legacy publishing or the 3 networks.

I thought I was going to be finished with NLM2 today but I'm not.  Maybe Monday.  I'm not rushing through this.  It has to be right for me.

P.S.  Periodically I check to see what search terms brought people here.  Sometimes interesting.

Apparently someone wants to know how many pages long Sweeps is.  It is 359 manuscript pages; 67, 843 words long.  Each one of those words belongs there.  There are no words missing. This is exactly what it took to tell that story.

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