Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Not So Much Confused As Baffled

Why 1 thing sells and not another.  Why 1 person makes it and not another.  It's a mystery, isn't it?

I finished that YA series I've been reading.  I really scrolled thru the majority of the final book which isn't at all fair to the author but very fair to me.  Not liking to get too personal I will say that I don't like to see abuse.  Anything or anyone who can't defend themselves should be protected, not abused.

In the TV show, The OC, which I very much liked, after Marissa's death, Ryan goes off the deep end and takes to cage fighting.  Ok.  I don't enjoy seeing blood and violence, and I didn't watch those parts, but if he as essentially an adult makes that decision, that's fine.  He's punching back.  No one forced him into this position.

If you take a child or an animal and abuse them, you should be f'ing shot.  It's really clear-cut to me.  No parole, no therapy, no short sentence.  I don't want to take the chance that after all that therapy and jailtime, they get out and go right back to their ways.  But that's not social justice in action so that's not what we see.

So in this YA, this kid was abused.  Probably damaged for life.  Gee, that's a fun read!

Anyway, my Keytronic keyboard after being sprayed in the sink (only do this is if your keyboard is membrane) and drying out for 2 days is back to perfect working order.  @@@@@@@@@@@!

I pulled out my Almost Famous dvd and started watching it yesterday.  I was reminded how brilliant Cameron Crowe was in this movie (it's a much better, no superior, movie to what's it...first I thought Tom Hanks, but it's Cruise, um Jerry Maguire).  There are so many scenes to pull for study.  This one is marvelous (and Kate Hudson is radiant and gorgeous and so skillful).  This is character distilled to their essence.  They are saying one thing but revealing a mountain of backstory.  This is the engine moving their lives forward.  Amazing is a word too easily used, but this scene deserves it.

And just because I'm a nice guy, I'll leave you with a photo I didn't quite take.

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