Friday, July 1, 2011

New Month, New Thoughts Or Something

I started doing mock-ups for the cover of NLM2.  Nothing satisfactory yet.  I continue to do test photos and work with Photoshop.  I love the Nikon D7000.  Great camera.

I raised the price of Fling to $1.99.

In general, I don't like the 99 cent price point for me or for any professional.  It's too low.  It encourages customers to think in bargain basement terms.

I know people, especially newbies, tend to exaggerate the value of their work.  You can't imagine how many stunningly mind-numbing discussions I've heard that started with "If I price my book at  $17.99, then I'll make...."
I had a friend who did the same thing with memo magnets she was going to make and sell to great success.  When your head is there, there is no room for rational thought.

I don't object to 99 cents as an introductory price or a loss leader but I don't agree with John Locke that ya gotta dance with the price that brung ya.  Of course, he just sold a million books so it is a little different situation.
I also don't object to short pieces having a standard price of 99 cents.

My Soda Fountain book will always be 99 cents.  It was work that took place over years, it's probably worth more but I don't care.  The new cookbook I'm doing is actually a lot of work, a lot of experimentation and I don't know that I will even introduce it at 99 cents.  I may start at $2.99 because my time and effort and intelligence is worth something.  Even if it's only to me.  Will I feel differently if I sell 3 copies in 6 months?  Maybe.  But that's what's good about digital--you can change anything. 

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