Monday, July 25, 2011

May Be My Favorite 5 Star Review

Got this at BN this week for Summer Horse.



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Hey, it  makes more sense than some of them.

Here's an interesting question--to me anyway.  I was shooting for the cookbook and wound up constructing or deconstructing this mozzarella salad.  I sent it to a photo agency and they rejected it for being a snapshot.
What constitutes a snapshot?  Isn't almost anything a "snapshot"?  If you're driving along and suddenly there's a huge wall of water in the river next to the road and you stop the car, grab your camera and take a picture, isn't that a snapshot?  If you're walking through Yellowstone Park and see an eagle on a tree branch, isn't that a snapshot?  Do you have to be in the studio to take a "real" photo?

I'm completely baffled by this reasoning.  I'm sure there's something about the definition they know that I don't but to me a snapshot is my father pushing me in front of Trevi Fountain then taking a picture.  That's a snapshot.
Planning what to put in the dish, how the colors play against each other, arranging the leaves appropriately getting the light right and then taking a photo, is the opposite of snapshot.

So thus ends my involvement with BigTimePhoto.

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