Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cooking The Books

Yes, I'm working on my cookbook during the daylight hours and NLM2 in the evening.

I'm learning a lot about my photographic vision--what I like, what I want to see.  Obvious now I would never have made it as a commercial photographer.  Since my professor was an old newspaperman, maybe I would have continued in that direction if things had worked out differently.  I was a stringer for a couple of papers for a while but couldn't get a full-time job at it so I wound up with the writing.

Now you don't need to get permission to do what you want to do and you don't have editors hanging over you saying stuff like "You cropped that too tight."

Some people would say you always need an editor.  I think I agree.  Until you put in your 10,000 hours or a lifetime doing it and then you should be able to go it on your own unless you're just so insecure and can't stand back from your work that you need another voice.

Should the audience decide?  Does the audience know?  Before Harry Potter came out did anyone ANYONE know we all wanted a boy wizard story?  Did anyone know vampires would be the big thing?  Does anyone know what's the next big thing?

The answer's no.

Some schlub is at their computer writing something, even as I type this, that no one wants.  Yet.  No one in the world but that person knows its value.  Yet.

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