Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Use Children To Achieve A Political End

I finally saw (ugh!) the commercial I was trying to find when I was talking about those YA books
haranguing the readers with the political messages.  I tried to find this then but "fortunately" it was on today.

This is child abuse.  Maybe not physical but if you take a kid and force adult notions (right or wrong) on them, is that fair, is that right, is that appropriate?  And why is this little girl dressed like this?  Couldn't they find her a one-piece?  Or how about a nice tee-shirt and shorts.

They didn't stop there.

And let's serve up a big honking supply of curly fry lightbulbs full of mercury just to be environmentally safe.  It's for the kids, you know.

Oh let's use wind power and kill off the golden eagles when they get caught in the fan blades.  Still it's for the children!  What's the matter with you, do you hate children or something?  We need wind power.  But not of course if Teddy Kennedy could see the windmills from his bedroom window.  It spoils the view, old sod.

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