Tuesday, July 26, 2011


At one point in the past I used to attend horse shows with a very nice young woman.  One day she went to a stable in the neighboring town and saw a horse.  When I asked what his name was she said "Spruckles."

That's a heck of a name.  I had to check on that and asked someone else and they said the horse was named "Boot Buckles".

I think this is the way life is for a lot of people for a reason I couldn't begin to propose.  They're living in a room full of fun house mirrors.  They see life and it bears some relationship to life but it has only a tenuous relationship to reality.  They have no idea how skewed their vision is and would defend their perceptions nearly to death.  Or are they defending their opinions so vehemently because some voice inside is hinting they've got it wrong and that's more than they can bear.

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