Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rooting The Nook

I've had the micro SD card for about 2 months waiting for Autonooter 4 to be released.  As far as I can tell that should be early next week because I just bought--from Amazon--a pre-loaded card which enables you to boot from that card.  You're not rooting the Nook.  If you take the card out of the slot, it's your same old comfy Nook.  Put the card in, and you have your Android.

The only reason for me to do this is because Amazon has more books than B&N, and usually cheaper.  I don't need a tablet computer--as far as I know.  Maybe I do.  What's it for?  I want the Android app that goes to Kindle marketplace.

Next thing that's bound to happen is Bezos releases a color touch screen Kindle in Nov. for $175.

As I was driving myself absolutely bonkers with all this...hey, I was prepared this morning to do a manual root but half the files I needed aren't available...I started to wonder about my new book and where I should be going with it.  I still don't know in a sense although I have the endpoint pretty well figured.  I would rather be able to surprise myself along the way.  I would rather make big choices.

Joe Konrath has an interesting piece up over the last 24 hrs.  The link to his blog is on the right side of the page here.  I'm not 100% thinking about this topic with everything else on my mind but the whole issue of the drunk troll reviews comes up again.  He says he was amused but he doesn't sound amused.  He actually sounds a lot more angry than I've allowed myself to be.  I don't think there's anything to be done about it, it's more a cultural issue.  This is the way people behave on the internet.

It's sort of a literary wilding.  I don't get anywhere near the readership/traffic/denouncements as Joe.  I get a couple bad reviews and I'm spitting nails.  He got 139.  I read through a bunch and to be honest, Joe's thing is not my thing and I wouldn't read it for entertainment knowing that.  But I wouldn't say anything either.  I wouldn't go to the page and see 139 1 star reviews and say "I really have to add my reaction."  It's overkill already.  So what made people numbers 25-139 feel compelled to say how awful this story was for them?

I think I'm going to go weed the garden instead of thinking about drunk on power trolls.

Google Nook2Android if you're interested in that route.

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