Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Song Lyrics And How We've Changed

I'm one of those dopey people who actually listens to the lyrics.  Provided I can understand them which I admit a lot of the time these days I don't.  And I admit I do not listen to much popular/modern music. 

I posted these two songs here so you would *hear for meaning* the lyrics.  Think about them.  Turn them over in your mind.  Question them and yourself.  Speculate.   Wonder.  Don't just accept what the entertainment culture places in front of you.

So here we have a song from 1963 which has its point of view.

Compare and contrast with this current hit (is it a hit?  Geez I didn't want to go thru her "body" of work to find something else, I'm sure this is pretty representative and I didn't know how to find the Rihanna song where she sings about getting so excited by her boyfriend using whips and chains on her--gee, shades of slavery but we won't mention that.)

Where does this leave us?  No one knows for sure, do they?  It's all opinion.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

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