Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thanks to Nook2Android, I can now dual boot perfectly.  I can also buy Kindle content totally by accident.  Yay!  Like I want a digital book that costs $15.37.  I would blame my fingers but I was on the PC so I can't explain how it happened.

I cannot figure how to get books into Aldiko, I sideloaded content onto the chip, but it doesn't see it.
I can't download apps from the Marketplace.  I suppose like most things computer, I'll figure it out eventually.  Or not.  The whole point was to be able to access the Kindle store and I've demonstrated I can do that.

I am intrigued by the process of my new book.  It started with let's call it a logline as you would describe a movie.  It sounded great/cool/current.  Then I began writing.  As a military man would say "No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy."

I know people who plan a story out fully before they write a word.  I've worked with them and saw them do it.
I can't.  I get lead, or lead astray.  Situations, bright and shiny, come up and glow with unexpected promise.  I follow the siren song.  And 50 pages later I realize this is not where I started.

That's why I always stunk when trying to convince agents or editors I could get to the end in one piece.  They insist on having things planned out and I don't write like that.

Amazon is opening up India.  Well that's good because that's where the support is.  Kidding, somewhat, since I did talk to Amazon India about 30 min ago to cancel that accidental purchase.  He might have been called Sean for support purposes but I know his name was Raj or similar.   I hope many Indians are willing to read English not Hindi because I'm not having my books translated.  Not that Indian children would be expected to read my horse books.  I actually have no idea what the book market is like in India but this just reinforces the point that we're in a global marketplace and tradpub/legacy publishing is behind the times while Jeff Bezos races forward.

I love this image.  I was making tabouleh for lunch and putting the stems to the side.  When I looked over there, it looked so great, I had to take a photo of it.

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