Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waiting Through a Summer Morning

Nikon D7k with 40 mm micro

I thought Kobo was supposed to be open by now.
That's a random thought of the day.
Sony finally removed Summer Horse from their site so I asked Kindle support if now I might please raise the price.  They don't get the nuance of anything.  Still miles better than BN.

Two years is a long time in a human life, it's not long in the history of the planet.  So should these companies be better organized by now or should we cut them slack when they can't understand email, respond to email or ever finish the tasks they were researching?  Should they have tech support for indie publishers or should they just throw people to a forum where you can as easily hear that the Mayan Calendar says we have 6 months left, that Kennedy was killed by the Vatican or that it doesn't matter what font you use as actual valid information?  What exactly are their job specs?

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