Friday, June 1, 2012

Apple Blossoms Freebie Weekend

Yes, the floral Gimme Caps have arrived.  So if you're interested  here ya go.    

I expect nothing else from this exercise other than people downloading the book and getting some enjoyment out of the photos.  That's a success for this.  I don't even imagine they'll say "What else has she done?  Not Low Maintenance, I want to read it!"

I think it would make a good gift item.  It's more than a greetings card and takes up less space.

The shock of shocks is that 3 people have actually purchased the buttercup book.  And I did google for a way to remove images from ebooks but apparently there is no easy way.  I would love it if people could extract the images and use them for desktops backgrounds or printable cards.

Since I like doing the photography, I expect I'll do a few more of these and skip the little cookbooks.  I removed the Sweets For Your Sweet from Amazon due to the experience there but it's still available at BN.   Who needs to open the door for so much controversy.  Not I.

I had the opportunity to talk to a kindle tech (not support, a real tech) about a week ago and asked specifically about this book.  It was published in TNR and a review savaged the book for having a font that was unreadable and changed size at will and other nasties.  The tech's bottom line--If you upload the doc in TNR, that's the end of your control.  What bad things happen after that "It looks like a typewriter font!" aren't about you.  So if someone complains, hold your ground.  Go to the mattresses on this issue.  You'll probably have to take it up a level from the normal support in Bangalore because they're just reading from a list of approved responses.  But you'll probably feel better for having defended yourself and your work.

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