Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Tale of Two Portraits

I see an old photo now and I'm compelled to go fix it.  So as one of the guest bloggers at Passive Voice, I took that opportunity to fix the portrait of James Joyce from a couple weeks back.



Not one of my favorite writers but (MaMaLuJo right back atcha, guy) everyone deserves their best face forward.  Or most everyone.

The thing with really decrepit old photos is there is a tipping point where more becomes a lot less.  I would like this to be lighter.  Unfortunately lightening shows more deterioration.  Ditto for taking it to B&W.  Just doesn't serve you well.  Other photo restoring wizards probably know what to do but in a 15 min. fix, that's what I can do.

I hope Amazon is willing to discuss the cover art for Love In The Air with me.  Not that I much care at this point as long as they don't use the current cover, but I want to know about their process and see if there's anything I can learn from it for us.

The image you use on the cover should have something to do with the book.  I bought an indie book from someone I admire.  The image used was one Createspace provides.  I can't figure out how it applies to the story.  There must be some kind of relationship.  That's why you don't see me using flowers.  They'd be great.  And if I ever write about a horticulturist, there I go.  Otherwise, it won't work.

What's depressing about looking through the photos at the stock photos sites is that they're so unremittingly commercial.  Isn't there a site where a photographer is selling shots for ebook covers?

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