Monday, June 25, 2012

Recalibrated My 85 mm lens

I don't use it very often anymore since the 40 is just so wonderful but I noticed things weren't as sharp as they should be so I did a little tweak.  I don't think that existed with film.  I sure never did with my Nikon F.  Sometimes I think about going back to film but then I realize how much I'd give up.  Photoshop.  Control.  Design.  I have no idea where a photo processing place is around here.

The BN/TOC issue.  I don't like to have mysteries unsolved.  So I decided to strip all the formatting and start over.
When I opened the RTF file in Word Pad there were literally, I'm not exaggerating, about 50 pages of like ASCII, random letters, symbols, numbers.  There was no hope for this document to open correctly.

What I don't understand is why the same file is fine in mobi format.

I'll let you know after I completely reformat the thing and upload it again to BN.

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