Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barnes & Noble

Well.  It seems like they're having issues with uploading--at least with me.  And there's no one in the help department.  Ari and the Doctor with a TOC is corrupted, at least the downloaded epub they generate and I view on my Nook is quite far from correct.  It's perfect with the Kindle.

So today instead of continuing to bang my head against the wall with that book, I put a TOC in The Missed Wish and uploaded it.  Yes.  It's also corrupted.

I guess the game plan is to continue to put a TOC in everything because that's what Kindle wants and we'll see what Kobo wants and BN can stay as it is until they work out how to run an indie publishing system.

I like the readers at BN, probably because they like me.  But I don't like this laissez-faire attitude from the company.  If you write to KDP support within about 24 you have some help.  If you write to BN, chances are you will never hear from anyone.

I've been thinking about the really tempting Nikon D600.  Apparently it's my camera, the D7000, but with the full size sensor.  Okay.  Then there's the D800 which is supposed to be great great great and luckily out of stock so since the D600 hasn't been released yet (fall sometime) and the 800 is unavailable, I don't have to make up my mind for months.  I don't know why I'm even thinking about it.


Meryl Yourish said...

What kind of formatting help do you need? I'm a web manager in my day job.

The Hostess with the Mostest said...

Thanks for the offer and I would love the mystery solved.
The doc is perfect in Word. I upload it to KDP, it's perfect.
Same doc tho in Courier New, when I download the epub file has spaces between the paragraphs that I did not put in there.
Email me if you'd like to look at the files.
Thanks, Meryl.