Friday, June 8, 2012

Bad Apple 1 New Cover

Why do I keep putting my gun on the cover of this book?  Because someone who is selling books almost as fast as Joe Konrath said it was a good idea. 

I don't know how seriously you should take advice.  Does the person who's giving you advice understand the book, the characters, the story?  Do the suggestions accurately reflect something critical about the book?

I hate giving people advice because there's a 50-50 chance they'll just get mad at you anyway.

So does the gun have anything to do with the book?  Yes, there are guns in the book.  Yes, there's violence.  There's also music, kindness, generosity and affection.  Do I need a bouquet or blood?  Is the title wrong?  It was originally called Sweet Cider.  I don't know that something so soft and nebulous works when customers are speed scrolling through the list at Amazon.  It's a good title because there is more sweet to life than Joe and the murder.  It's contrapuntal to the violence but in a realm of 50 Shades of Abuse and Vampire Love, who's got time to think about the shifting of light and dark contained in a YA?  Just take out that sawed off shotgun and have at it.

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