Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Tempting Nikon

Remember how I've been saying Nikon should just make a stripped down camera that takes super photos?  Enter the Nikon d600.  It's still a rumor but apparently a real thing and it's entry level full-frame professional camera likely to cost around $1500.  This is a great thing.  Except that I need new lenses.  I don't think I'd abandon the d7k which I really love, but I feel very tempted.

The apple blossom book is being downloaded at a pace that is apparently appropriate for such works.  I went to the page on my Nook and looked at the cover close up.  I couldn't believe how spectacular it looked.  The image was better than my monitor (and I like this monitor).

The drawback to using a reader to view an "art" photo is akin to viewing a movie MADE for the big screen on your television.  You're taking incredible technology and losing most of it as you diminish the size.  Yeah I know big screen televisions--it's not the same.   Still I was extremely impressed with the depth, almost 3-D like, of that apple blossom.

I saw Days of Heaven in the theater.  What a beautifully photographed film by Nestor Almendros and Haskell Wexler.  I can watch it on television and remember/realize how gorgeous the shot is where the train goes over the bridge, but it's so small and the light doesn't surround you.  Something--the visual drama--is lost.  Still great, still a work of genius.

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