Thursday, June 7, 2012

June To Do's

You have no idea how upset I am about the San Francisco earthquake!

Photo taken by camera in a balloon after earthquake

Yes it happened 106 years ago, but it didn't catch my attention until just now.  So I think this is a good time to wring my hands.  And then I will work up to the whole Titanic thing.

This is the only way I can explain the recent deluge of articles complaining about tradpub and its dear little bookshops dying.  Again, this is a process they created, it's been happening for years and now they notice? 

So June.  What to do, what to do?   I went back to a YA I started before Unheard and I don't think I can finish it by the end of the month but July.  What's it about?  Me writing something not commercial.  And frack you if you have a problem with it.  No, that's a joke.  It's about fracking, sort of.  Fracking is shorthand for drilling for natural gas--hydraulic fracturing of shale.

I briefly entertained the notion of doing a nonfiction piece about fracking, shale and the impact on the communities where drilling is done.  I thought this would be an ideal Amazon Single but then decided I just don't meet the resume requirements for Amazon  Singles to take me seriously.  I think they want real journalists (laughable concept IMHO).  Of course I could always publish it as a short nonfiction piece on my own.  But I'm busy and if it's a toss up between writing something that probably won't sell as nonfiction and writing something I want to write as fiction, then I choose the novel.

Kobo.  I'd like to spend some time looking at each of my older books to make sure they're formatted perfectly and I didn't miss anything from 18 months ago.  Now is the time to refresh any covers that might need a little facelift.  Sweeps should be brought into line with Waiting For You.  Maybe that will be my first project.

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