Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anything Goes

This is one of my favorite songs and Cole Porter was one of the greats.  I love hearing him singing his own song.
80 years on you're wondering who Ned McClain and Anna Sten were.  If this song could be more than 180 degrees in opposition to rap, it would be.

Anything goes.  I don't think that's such a good idea, though.  I guess that's what my new book is about.  Do we say that anymore?  I don't think so; you just talk about plot.  When I was in daytime the big requirement for writing was to keep everything on a boil all the time.  While that's very appealing for some, it's still not necessary for all readers all the time.  Some prefer reflection.

I happened to read two genre novels this month that seemed like they would be similar but couldn't be more different.  At the heart.  I had to put a lot of thought into it why they were so dissimilar.  I still can't distill it into one easy sentence.  If I had to say something, the difference would be the choices one writer made and the other one either did not make or was not capable of making.   It's an issue of where your mind goes.  If your mind doesn't go there, it doesn't go there.  You write what your mind/brain gives you.  Why am I bringing the brain into it?  Because I'm not sure how connections are made, what switches are flipping in an organic sense.  What your life experiences are give you one thing but what your brain chemistry and mechanical processes are gives you something else.

And if you're looking for advice on how to promote yourself on Facebook, that isn't helpful at all, is it.

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