Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amazon Publishing

It appears that they are jumping in with all feet not just 2.  They acquired 3000 books from Avalon and are open to submissions, even unagented.  The dynamism and energy is remarkable.

OTOH you have tradpub desperately looking for a 50 Shades knock-offs.  No, as stupid as this sounds, it's true.  Why stupid?  Because they say they find unique and creative talents.  Running around trying to jump on the fanfic erotica gravy train demonstrates just how creatively bereft they are.  Maybe it's good for business.  Maybe there will be a whole "new" category.  For a while.

Some years ago my agent was contacted by an editor at NAL and they wanted me to write a knock-off of the then current bestseller.  I don't do that stuff so didn't even try.  The flavor of the month type book.  Can they really get out something they find before the market is totally saturated by what's already there?

If I could only write like that.  But, oh well, I can't.

I did get a lovely review on Nothing Serious.

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