Friday, July 2, 2010

The Gargoyles They Sparkle In Marble At Midnight

The background I had.  The gargoyles came from a French book 1905, turned them into a brush.  The sparkles I had.  Ditto moon and clouds.  The orb had to be created.  I found a PS tutorial.  Fine.  It didn't work.  A day later and many attempts, I switched to Corel Draw since it already has a gradient fill in gold.  Fine.  Had a flat gold orb.  Back to PS to basically start all the manipulations over again but with the right orb.  Tinker around with that.  Wake up this morning.  Tinker some more.  Finally understand what I'm trying to do and do it.

I wish my pal, Allen, had lived to see such things.  Without his vivid imagination, I can't begin to suppose what worlds he would have created.

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