Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Kate etc.

The end is near.  The end of part 1, of course.  I'm finding myself oddly reluctant to finish it.  I imagine I did not have that issue the first time around but honestly I don't even remember writing the book.  I suspect it is common to have very complicated emotions regarding any work and this is a particularly milestoneish book.

Also very close to completion is Not Low Maintenance.  The main character has been named many things but none was perfect until I came upon Aviva.

It's nice to have the covers done for both and waiting for me.  I've been working on PS tutorials.  Yesterday and today it was about gradients again.  I still get lost in what of many things to click.  It seems that the gradients only engage if it's done through layer style.  That would be very unlike Photoshop which seems to have a reputation for being able to do anything several different ways.

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