Sunday, July 25, 2010

A New Day, A New Photoshop Skill

I took a photo of the Santa Barbara Mission from 1894 or something and  ran it through the High Pass filter, then the notebook filter, then the threshold adjustment, then I colored it in.  It really wasn't that hard, once I spent 6 hours looking for someone who could explain it.

It seems to me that even though graphics in ebooks are barely supported, it's time to learn how.  Joe Konrath was talking about this a couple months ago.  That a book will become more of a multimedia item.  You have all the power of a small computer in your reader, why not make use of it.  It's, after all,  not a book, which can't do anything at all except open and close.  You have to turn the pages.  In a reader you could have music and narration in addition to the reading.  You could have stuff I'm not likely to think of. 

Of course some people, like me, would find that pretty distracting if I was trying to read and the thing was jumping and dancing and telling me about stuff related to something in the book but not really in the book.  But the truth is, I'm not sure these things are for me.  I don't want one.

In the old days, kids would be sent up to their room for some "quiet time".  They'd read.  Now the quiet time will be like a vaudeville troop in their hands.  There will be no getting away from the world, it'll follow you everywhere, crowding your mind so you can't have a blasted thought of your own.  It's pretty much like that now.  Culture is like one long MTV music vid turned up to 11.

That's called progress by some.

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