Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paige, Turning

The bathroom was ripped apart and the fridge died so it was very busy here for a few days.  I was completely distracted but things have somewhat settled down.

I decided a couple things at the same time.  I renamed Disconnected.  I like it, I liked the knotty pine type cover but I guess if I write what I want maybe I should be more willing to concede on the covers.  I went looking for something spicier and found it but haven't heard back on permission to use it yet.  As a back up I went looking for something similar (but won't be nearly as great) in stock photos.

I may wind up sticking with this image for the  book because I sent it to the editor at Avalon and she thought it was lovely.  It just didn't seem to have anything to do with being disconnected.  That'll teach me.  It's a great title but it requires you read the book to understand it.  It seems that you should understand movies before you see them, and get books before reading.  I don't know how this trend applies to music--luckily I'm not a musician.

Maybe all romance books will just have a generic photo of a sexy guy or sexy couple and that'll tell everyone what's inside.  If they want to go to all the trouble to read it after that billboarding.

So this leaves me with Not Low Maintenance.  No one's going to get that nullification symbol.  A nude couple would probably serve me better.

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