Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thirty Days Have September...

April, June, and November.  So okay, Kate won't be finished today.  It will be by the 1st week of July.  I even dreamed about it last night, something I've never done before--dreaming about a book I was working on.  But I didn't dream about the book, it was a character within the soap opera described in the book.  Weird.

I've been concerned that the soap dialog isn't very good but it's not something I can redo.  There's so much of it from the original version, I feel stuck with it.  Then this morning I watched ALL MY CHILDREN and I was shrieking at the TV the dialog was so horrible, so much worse than LIFE TO ITS FULLEST.

I wasn't good enough to write for ALL MY CHILDREN.  I was once on a conference call with a couple of their writers and Aggie Nixon, trying to do some sample breakdowns.  Afterward I was told I just wasn't clever enough to write breakdowns.  (After doing a hundred of them or whatever for THE DOCTORS when I was headwriter there.)

I'm glad I had the opportunity to work in daytime, it fulfilled a dream of mine (not one with CAREY CROSS in it, tho) but it literally took me years to overcome all the bad writing ticks I acquired in even that short a time.

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