Saturday, June 19, 2010

DIY Book Covers V. The Real Thing

I was just looking at the blog and all the book covers I've done.  Go look now.  No, you.  You scroll down the right side.  Go look at the Wish You Were Here books published by Berkley.  I'll wait for you to come back.

Are they a mess or what?  That dark-haired guy looks like the actor from the sitcom starring Judith Light.  Tony Danza (had to think for a moment).  I don't remember creating a character that I described looking like that.  He looks like a street thug, a numbers runner for Sally the bookie at the Villa Amalfi restaurant backroom.  Is that blond guy who needs a haircut supposed to be Glin?  Ugh.  I suppose we were going for the normal teenager look.  I think we can consider that a fail.

Aren't my covers every bit as good, if not better,  than the WYWH books?

Since I talked about Ruth Eastman a couple days ago, I want to introduce someone who helped me through a difficult patch.  No, he doesn't know it but I had a copy of Bruce McCall's Zany Afternoons by my bed and every night I would read one section to end the day on a good note.  Years later I got a box of books from an estate sale and there was a letter from Bruce McCall in there.  That was a real thrill.  He's fabulously talented and clever.

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