Thursday, June 17, 2010


It was long past time to update my website, so, reluctantly, I did that today.  I use Expression Web and I can't recommend it highly enough.  That it's a Microscoff product is a mystery to me.  It works.  The help file is helpful.  It's easy to navigate (and doesn't have that stupid ribbon thing going on).  So any problems I had were due to me.
The minute you start touching links they all get screwy, so that happened.  I had a problem with the underlining of links.  I don't like that so always manage to make it go away.  On one page in the program, everything was fine, but on the web it wasn't.  I don't know how that's to be explained.  I left it. 

As I was looking at the completely inappropriate background for Disconnected I realized I could quickly whip up something in Photoshop, so I did. 

I googled this question but couldn't find a definitive answer.  It seems that background images are often gifs.  No idea why.

I think I'll do one for the Ice Cream Parlor next.

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