Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Some time ago I found a neat landscape scene on Flicker taken in Alsace.  I kept thinking about it and finally added some elements.  My tribute to Rene Magritte.

I enjoy Photoshop now.  I must use about 5% of its capabilities.  I'm still annoyed that I have to google for help almost every day but every time I do there are always pages of hits.   I suppose there is some ego quotient involved--those who are clever enough to use PS without help and the rest of the world who isn't.

If the quick selection tool can find edges, why isn't there a color wand.  You specify the color you want to use as fill and then touch the area with the wand and the pixels are changed.  If it can do this, I have found no evidence of that.

I've been working on the Kate book.  I think I'm supposed to be on Kate's side but find I'm more on Fitch's side this time around.

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