Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates on Everything

I realized I had the Ice Cream Parlor on Select and never ran a freebie.  I had to think about it.  So I decided that it didn't make very much difference to me if I did or didn't.  It's over in a few weeks so I decided to run the freebie.  When the pluses and minuses are so close, something's wrong.  Shouldn't decisions like this, for something that is "G-d's Gift To Writers" as someone said last week, be more obvious?

A couple months ago I had a near catastrophe and all my images were deleted.  I recovered most of them.  Then on Day 2 I realized the program hadn't recovered any PSD files--all my Photoshop stuff which means covers.  I got back about 90% of them but not the Ice Cream book.  Yesterday I found a tif file which had all the layers and images so I used that to rebuild the cover.  Which turned out to be essentially nothing like the original but close.

Bad Apple 1.  Here's the interesting thing.  Only about 200 copies were downloaded.  Apparently everyone who wants it got it last time, there is not a huge new group of readers panting for it.  Okay.  What's interesting about that?  Nothing.  Then I went to GoodReads and suddenly 9 people have BA1 on their TBR list.  I understand you're not going to keel over with the vast number but what I'm pointing out is the link.  3 days ago BA1 was on no one's list.

And over the last couple days there's been some sales activity--minimal--with the Murder book.  And I do fully believe that very kind review helped.

So what I'm feeling, sorry it's just a feeling, that having a giveaway at GoodReads is kinda good for exposure.
It may be well worth the $20 (I forgot to include the cost of the ISBN before) and investment in time to get everything in paper just to be able to announce your existence at GoodReads where people seem to be really excited about reading.

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