Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazon Sales in DE for March

Or Non-sales.  Cue Julius Levin.  "They take and then they go."

The Ice Cream Parlor did not make the top 100 overall but got to about 140 when I looked on my Nook.   And about 2200 books were downloaded.  Again very surprising but perhaps not since it's spring and summer isn't far away and everyone loves ice cream.  There was also that mini-mass mailer that went out a few days ago.  Maybe that really boosted awareness of the book.  I hope people enjoy it.  Really.  It's cute, short and sweet you could say.  I wish it had been what I originally intended but oh well.

While it is not technically the last cookbook, it's the first, it will probably be the last due to formatting requirements at Amazon.

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