Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Select Surprise

Schtupid Cupid has had a few sales after the freebie at Amazon.  It was also put it up for sale at GoodReads.  This weekend the Ice Cream Parlor will have a 3 day weekend at Amazon and I suspect  the other 2 days won't be used but maybe I will be persuaded since there's been this activity with SC.  There's no bump with anything else.  To be clear, what I'm saying is that the attention received didn't translate into interest in other books.

It would be helpful if Amazon could provide us with page views.  How many times did people at least look at a book.  But they can't seem to get all the books you have in KDP on a 1 page list the way BN does, so page views are probably a long time away.

Going Backward--How enthusiastic am I about taking editorial advice from anyone?  On a scale of 1-10, I register in the negative numbers. I realize with my experience I'm in the minority but I can't see ceding creative control to any dippy little twit who knows nothing about my book, the content, me, or even literature.  Uh, no, ain't gonna happen.  Did Jane Austen have an editor?  Why have writers become so reliant on these people?  You know the old saw find a need and fill it?  It's like they created an imaginary need and filled it so relentlessly few can imagine a writer's life looking any other way.

Here's what constantly surprises me.  I know some typos or errors won't be picked up by spell or grammar checkers.  There/their could be passed over.  But the vast majority of errors or questions will be caught in the net.  You look at them--I'm always asking "What's Word's problem with THIS?"--and make a decision.  This is your job.  Every word processing program has these utilities.  Use them.  Do you think editors, or laughably agents, know more than the Word grammar checker?  I'm sorry to disabuse you of glorious imaginings of the value of editors but no, they are not better than the computer anymore.  They are not Maxwell Perkins, Malcolm Cowley or Jean Karl.

If you don't have the emotional constitution to be on your own in indie publishing, definitely do not be on your own for your own comfort.  All I'm saying is that there is no reason in the real world why you can't do all or most of it on your own.  Try.  Try hard.  All knowledge, all skill is power.  Be powerful in your life.

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